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Sai timeline by Borsaline-Tresbien Sai timeline by Borsaline-Tresbien
This is a doodle i made before getting ready for school.

This is a timeline based off of :icon0bluepanda0: "changes"
Me when i was 4, when i was in 4th grade, and now :3

Desc. of Age 4:
I was a typical four year old, innocent and small. I wore a lot of white long-sleeved shirts. I never had my hair down my face, I remember many memories of complaining about how much my head was hurting from someone brushing it, then normally putting it in a ponytail, but the briads were way more pretty and comfertable to me.

Desc. of Age 10:
I was happy in the beginning of 4th grade, then my dad started changing, and it was for the worse. I blamed myself for his actions because he'd blame them all on me. And I changed houses 3 times that year, it was really heartbreaking. I hid my face a lot, and that was when I got my bangs cut. I also wore some dark clothing. Although something positive was I had Eon in my 4th grade year to keep me company.

Desc. of Age 14
I am usually happy. The last month and a half has been hell though. I got an F in Algebra, a senior trying to get two of my friends to go against one of my other friends, me trying to get my mom to accept Eon, and if i think of this stress too much, it makes me think of how balanced everything was when i was with Jasper. Which makes me even more stressed. Oh well, i support the girl he chooses to be with. and I plan to make Algebra a higher grade. I've turned in my work, i just literally didn't understand it. sigh... 14
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November 16, 2012
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