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Spirit Day 2012 by Borsaline-Tresbien Spirit Day 2012 by Borsaline-Tresbien
I know it's late, but I decided to put it up now.
I knew Spirit day had something to do with the LGBT communtity, but once i learned what it was, i had to do this.

I did this to apoligise for my actions.
Back in the day, 7th grade to be exact, i was a major homophobe. I thought it was wrong and against nature and i would go around throwing the term "gay" towards things. Then as I got older, I fell in love. And after that I realized. Gay people found love in who they are with, they felt the same great feelings with that person as i did with who i fell in love with. So I was no longer homophobic from there.
Then my dad once called me a lesbian as an insult, it hurt me, and i liked a guy,so who knows how the gays felt.

I now hate homophobes. Enough Said
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I-Take-It-Back Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
lol so what have i learnt here?

you "HATE!"
Borsaline-Tresbien Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
I need to change my description, It's more of a dislike in a person for me.

My dad is a homophobe, but i still love him. It's just something i dislike about him.
GreenArcadia Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Well said!
While Spirit Day isn't soley about the LGBT community, it was started for kids of the community who were bullied until they killed themselves. It's about bullying of any kind.
But anyway, I agree. It is wrong to bully, disrespect, or look down on them for being LGBT.
While I am a Christian and I think relationships are best between a man and woman, it's ridiculous for people to tell others that they can't be with the one they love or live the way they feel they should.
People have the right to.
What makes me the most angry out of anything is when someone says to a gay person "OMG you're going to Hell!!"
I can't even describe to you how angry that makes me.

A Christian telling a gay person to not be gay is kind of like a Jew telling me I can't eat bacon. While one subject is clearly more serious than the other, I FREAKIN LOVE BACON and nobody is going to convince me to stop eating it, because I feel that it is ok and I want to (I WANT TO REALLY REALLY BAD).

Borsaline-Tresbien Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Thank you.

I wanted to apoligise for my actions, because the LGBT commutity was the only one i ever felt i did anything harmful to. I was quite ignorant back in the day.

My personal reasoning to it is whoever you like is none of my business. If you find love in someone, no matter who they are, then good for you. That's all I can say.

And I feel the same way about bacon. Or any spicy meat. I love all-meat pizza way too much to be a vegetarian.

thanks for the fave ;D
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October 21, 2012
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